99.99% kill rate on Coronavirus
Tested by Washington University School of Medicine
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Powerful UVC and Ozone systems to suit your application
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Portable Room Kleen (PRK)


The NEW REVOLUTION of Germicidal UV-C

Truly tested, proven to kill 99.99% on virus and bacteria

UV-KLEENTM is tested by Washington University School of Medicine for its germicidal efficacy.

The complete disinfecting system

UV-KLEENTM vs. Other UV market

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EPL Product Family

UV-KLEEN Products
Room Air Vac (RAV) - UV-KLEEN

We have been in business since 1998

EPL manufactures state of the art electronics for lighting solutions. ​We proudly manufacture our products in Salt Lake City, USA.

Our Company

EPL is an aggressive research and development manufacturer in the field of power quality and lighting solutions. EP’s ground breaking work in the field of power electronics led to the development of sophisticated lighting ballasts and controls for its product line.

Our Values

We started as an R&D company; therefore, we value research, innovation and design of the products to meet customer specific requirements

Our Team

We have highly qualified and experienced engineers designing world class electronics for the market. The team is assisted by world renowned physicians and professors from US medical schools to assist in product development. We have sales and marketing teams all across the US., as well as other Asian countries.

What differentiates us ??

  • Competitor
Patented technology from EPL
Generic quartz solution
Truly tested on COVID-19
FDA registered
Time taken to sterilize a 12*12ft room5 Minutes30 minutes
Made in USA
Lamp Life100,000 hours (11 yr)9000-18000 hrs (1-2yr)
Germicidal output (irradiation)35% higher than standard UVStandard UV
Output drop off over time (degradation)10% over 70,000 hrs20-40% 9000-18000 hrs
MaintenanceNone required just basic cleaningReplacement in 12 months
FiltersNo filters neededFilter replacement every 3 months
Ballast driverPatented filter technology w/.99PFStandard
Contains Hazardous gaseous Mercury
Warranty5 years1 year
Designs for occupied air disinfecting

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Our Story

What People Say

UV-C and Ozone are proven technologies. I loved the way these two technologies are put together in one single device. Easy to use and the dosimeters indicate enough UV strength in under 5 mins. Highly efficient and short operating times.
I manage a cafeteria in a commercial complex here in York, PA. We were introduced to the UV-KLEEN product, which is proven to kill Covid19. UV-KLEEN replaced our excessive use of chemicals in the cafeteria, saving us time and money. Our cleaning staff is very comfortable using the product.
Cafeteria Manger
Fresh, clean, odor-free environment after sterilization. I now feel more confident that we are "clean and virus-free".
Factory Manager
This is a must use device during these tough times. The unit is portable and can be moved to all our carpeted, non-carpeted areas easily. It is lightweight and can be placed on a tabletop so the UV can reach farther distances. The office rooms feel fresh instantly. Highly recommend.
Office Manger
We are using RoomAirVac because we want our customer to have a safe environment while enjoying their antique shopping.
Antique Store Owner

Want to get rid of the Covid'19 outbreak. We have designed the UVC Systems or Products to kill the Corona Virus, bacterias, and pathogens.