Room Air Vac (RAV)

RoomAirVac 100w/300w is a wall mounted forced-ventilation high intensity UVC sanitizing fixture, designed to sterilize air and surfaces from small to medium sized rooms.

Key Features

Room Air Vac (RAV) - UV-KLEEN
Room Air Vac - UV-KLEEN

Technical Specifications


Hospitals rooms, clinics, shops, office spaces, classrooms, restaurants, public offices


System is to be hard-wired and should be installed by a certified electrician.

Safety Features

Run timer: Automatic shut down of the unit after the programmed time runs out of the timer

Size and Dimensions

100w – 18″ wide on the top; 300w – 24″ wide on the top


Lamps and Ballasts : 5 years
Other components : 1 year

Product Literature