UV-KLEEN Technology

UV-KleenTM  is a designed, patented and FDA registered product. UV-KleenTM is currently the ONLY product on the market proven to kill coronavirus at 99.9% by Washington University School of Medicine, USA. UV-KleenTM Systems utilize Induction based UV-C generation in addition to controllable Ozone generation.

UV and Ozone can be individually operated per customer requirements. Researchers report that Ozone is needed to spread the UV farther in to areas and is also necessary to reach hidden spots for disinfectant purposes.


UV-KleenTM systems work on two proven advanced technologies: Photolysis and Oxidation. Photolysis is a process in which the UV-C light breaks the molecular bonds and rearranges them so the pathogens will not live any further. UV-KleenTM uses proven 253.7nm germicidal UV-C at higher irradiation energies to kill the pathogens at a much faster rate, up to 99%.

Oxidation is a process in which Ozone rips the electrons in the pathogens and breaks their cellular walls so the pathogens will not live any further. UV-KleenTM generates controlled Ozone using advanced arc technologies that can be specifically tuned for your custom application.
With the Photolysis and Oxidation process, UV-KleenTM can kill pathogens including coronavirus up to 99.99% in under 10 seconds. With its powerful UV output, UV-KleenTM only needs a very short amount of time to disinfect the area; thus polymers (plastic and cloth material in the room) are NOT exposed to UV light for longer periods than necessary. Competitor’s UV-C products require much longer run times for disinfection which reduces the quality and life of polymers present in the room due to over-exposure.
With its 100,000 hours of long life, excellent durability, zero maintenance, patented ballast technologies; UV- KleenTM can give the customer peace of mind concerning maintenance and return on investment. Another advantage of UV-KleenTM is that the solution is designed, tested and made in the USA. UV-KleenTM is sold in the USA, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, India, and Philippines.

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