Portable Room Kleen (PRK)

The patented technology of the PortableRoomKleen 300 with selectable ozone option is a portable High Intensity UVC sanitizing fixture designed to sterilize surfaces and areas that traditional UVC light cannot (e.g. shadowed areas).

Key Features

Portable Room Kleen (PRK)
Portable Room Kleen (PRK)-UV-KLEEN

Technical Specifications


Individual rooms in hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, office spaces, buses, trains, restaurants, schools etc


UV, Ozone, UV + Ozone: Individually controlled UV and ozone generation

Safety Features

  • Motion sensor :  Deactivates the unit in the event of accidental entry
  • Run timer :   Automatic shutdown of the unit after the programmed time complete
  • Ozone sensor :  Deactivates the unit in the event of excessive Ozone

Size and Dimensions

12”x12”x35”, 19lb: easy to carry with handle and caster wheels


Lamps and Ballasts : 5 years
Other components : 1 year


Want to get rid of the Covid'19 outbreak. We have designed the UVC Systems or Products to kill the Corona Virus, bacterias, and pathogens.