How To Choose The Best Ultraviolet Air Disinfection System

The pandemic has all of us on our toes, and disinfection has become a vital part of everyone’s lives. People are ravaging store shelves for disinfectants, sanitizers, and sprays to stay safe. Mobility restrictions are all over the place, and people prefer to stay indoors these days, except in emergencies. But have you ever given a thought that the virus or many other microbes may exist in your household as well? What have you planned to do about that? How much cleaning can possibly render your homes and work places100% safe? 

While there is no such guarantee, one can always go for the highest safety standards as humanly possible. Besides cleaning and sanitizing, one should also think about installing air disinfection systems in every facility. While many products may claim to clean the air profusely, only the best ultraviolet air disinfection system can do that precisely. And by best, one should consider the following features:

  • Purification timing – the appliance should be fast enough to sterilize a room in under 3 minutes. The virus can be notorious regarding speed, so no stone should be left unturned. If you still have doubts, just compare the sterilization speed of different air purifiers, before you make your choice. 
  • COVIDtested – Yes, it is on everyone’s mind now. If the air purifier does not work on the very thing that the entire world is anxious about, there is no point. Hence, invest in an appliance that has been specifically tested on the virus. 
  • FDA-registered systems – If an air purifier is FDA-registered, ETL/UL tested, there can be no questions or doubts regarding its efficiency. The Food and Drug Administration has been going the extra mile to evaluate such appliances to ensure the health and safety of the people for quite some time now. If you are out shopping, make sure you do not settle for anything less than an FDA-registered air disinfection system. 

Do you need any other guidance with choosing the best ultraviolet air disinfection system? Feel free to let us know so that we can help you with the right information. 


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