Can UVC be used to disinfect the air?

Yes, the UVC systems can be used to disinfect both the air and surfaces. The UVC disinfects the surface wherever its light shines, and the same UVC system can disinfect the air when it forces the air through the lamp’s surface.

The UVC can disrupt the DNA/RNA of the pathogens in the air as the air passes through the lamp. The kill rate of the pathogens in the air depends on:

  1. Speed of the air that is moving through the lamp
  2. Kill rate of the UVC lamp per second

The speed of the air through the lamp depends on the fans used in the system. And the kill rate of the lamp depends on its UV intensity (in uW/cm2).

  • The slower the fan speed and/or the higher the UV intensity – the better the air disinfection system.
  • The faster the fan speed and/or the lower the UV intensity – the poorer the air disinfection system.

If the system pulls the air too fast or the lamp’s UV intensity is low, then the air does not spend enough time through the lamp, and therefore the lamp does not kill the air pathogens effectively. In other words, the pathogens in the air can easily “escape” the germicidal action of the UVC lamp.

On the contrary, the slower speed fans let the air spend more time on the lamp but take longer to circulate the air in the room – therefore, longer time to “completely” disinfect the air in the room. On the other hand, if the UV intensity is low, the lamp may not effectively kill the pathogens at all.

In other words, the air passing through UV lamps doesn’t get disinfected. If the lamp has higher UV intensity, it can disinfect the air fast, matching the fan’s speed.

The lamp surface also plays a role in the air disinfection rate. The larger the surface area of the lamp, the longer the air spends for disinfection, and the higher the disinfection rate. Therefore, the key for an air disinfection system is to find a UVC lamp with high UV intensity and more extended surface area and make sure the air passes through the lamp.

UV-KLEEN offers induction-based UV lamps that can deliver above 1500uW/cm2 (compared to 600uW/cm2 by competitors) UV intensity, and that is extremely fast to kill pathogens in the air. 

The proprietary UV-KLEEN system helps pull the air from the bottom of their fixtures, effectively releasing 99.99% disinfected air back into the room. During the air disinfection, the UV-KLEEN systems do not leak any light into space, making it safely suitable to operate in the presence of people in a room.

Watch this video for our Engineer Naveen Tera’s explanation of air disinfection.

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