Safety is important in choosing the UVC system

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) USA recommends that the time of exposure to intensity of 100uW/cm2 at 253.7nm UV-C should not exceed 1 minute. When averages over 10 sec, this value is 600uW/cm2; and over 1 sec, it is 6000uW/cm2. These values are significantly lower than any UV light currently available in the market. UV radiation is invisible to the naked eye, however, it may cause skin irritation, potentially leading to skin cancer and cataracts.

However, with appropriate training and the use of PPE, UV light is safe to use for disinfectant purposes. It is highly recommended to use the following precautions when operating UVC products:

1) Read and follow the operating manual directions before operating the units

2) Authorized personnel is required to operate the unit

3) Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as UV blocking safety goggles, full sleeves, and UV blocking face shield

4) Cover arms and neck and limit exposure time

5) Ensure the application area (room) is vacant, and any occupants/operators wear proper PPE mentioned in item 3 above

6) Never look directly at the UV light and always wear proper eye protection

7) Do not expose the UV light to humans, animals, and any other living organisms

8) Do not walk toward the unit while it is ON or in operation. Be sure to turn off the unit before approaching

9) Consult a physician immediately for any irritation or symptoms due to possible over-exposure

If exposed to UV lights:

1) If eyes are irritated: Wash your eyes with clean water immediately

2) Always consult a physician or eye doctor for any physical discomfort or eye irritation

With that said, it is extremely important to select the UVC system that:
  • Is equipped with the safe mechanism to turn off the lamps in the event of accidental entry of personnel
  • meets the national and international safety standards such as UL, ETL, CE and RoHS
  • Is proven, tested for its germicidal efficacy and also the safety inspections.

Please watch the video of UV-KLEEN when operating safely in a residential environment.


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